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More than a century after the publication of her first novel, Colette is still one of the best-selling, and beloved, French authors. In Cinemas. Official Trailer. Book Tickets Buy Online. Colette September 16th, Lionsgate Editor. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

By clicking YES, you agree to the use of cookies. Everyone is speaking in English which, with the tranquillity, stippled sunlight and exuberant flora, paints a picture so pretty and familiar that you brace for tea and a yawningly polite meander down biopic lane. Then the writer Willy Dominic West bounds in, filling the house and movie with air and energy. Leading with his smooth manners and a paunch that will swell into a potbelly stove, he goes through the proper courtship motions.

Knightley takes the character from dewy youth to adulthood with expressive physicality. And, before long, the lovers are married and in Paris, where they float between high society and the demimonde.

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What interests Mr. Westmoreland is how a self-described country girl became a woman of the world, a transformation that in its deeper, more intimately mysterious registers remains out of reach of this movie and of the hard-working Ms. Mostly, he suggests, an intoxicatingly free world was waiting for Colette; all she had to do was discover it.

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Her entry comes through Willy a. Henry Gauthier-Villars , a witty libertine with a Van Dyke beard and a voracious appetite for society, women and fame.

A writer whose name was a brand, Willy published reams, using ghostwriters generously. In the movie, the flat in which he and Colette live is a bustling blur, a literary factory that Willy runs while barking orders — Mr.

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