Fracked In The Barnett Shale

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Tracking the players in the ever-growing energy and environmental world.

Barnett Shale | shale basin, Texas, United States |

The buildings weren't there when the C. Slay was drilled in , he points out. Fracking didn't encroach on the homes; the homes encroached on fracking. Then, as an afterthought, he says that neighborhoods like the one near the C. I point out that The Woodlands, Mitchell's homegrown suburb north of Houston, became a model for such developments.

While most don't plan with the precision that Mitchell did, many of his ideas have been copied in real estate just as they were in oil and gas. The 28,acre spread, which he began assembling in the s, served as a workshop for his unwavering obsession: solving the social ills facing America's cities. Many oil companies invested in real estate, but none developed a single property with such attention to detail and environmental foresight. But in the s, the "energy" part of the company needed a solution to counteract declining reserves in its biggest gas field in Wise County.

Mitchell found himself racing against time to find new sources of natural gas before the field sputtered out. Convinced of a radical prospect — that new energy could be coaxed from the shale rock his drillers had ignored for years in favor of shallower, more pliable formations — he employed a team of geologists and petroleum engineers to figure out how to unlock the would-be treasure.

Tracking the players in the ever-growing energy and environmental world.

The prospect of fracking, though still untested and unproven, emerged as the best bet to supply it. Over the years, he sank about a quarter of a billion dollars that Mitchell Energy couldn't spare into what was little more than a science experiment.

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Today, "fracking" detractors have made the term shorthand for irresponsible drilling. The hard consonants of the word give it the ring of a curse, and the label has been used indiscriminately to describe things that have nothing to do with the process. There are no "fracking rigs" or "fracked oil" or "fracking pipelines. The sand props those fractures open to allow the natural gas or oil to escape.

Supporters see fracking as proof of American ingenuity, of the triumph of free enterprise over the relentless fear of energy scarcity that defined U. But for Mitchell, it was just one puzzle, a step toward addressing the larger problem of how a planet of finite resources can sustain a growing human population. While he made his fortune from fossil fuels, it bothered him for decades that the world remained so dependent on them.

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At the time, wind and solar power cost almost double what oil did, which he argued would lead to economic disaster. Very rarely. The U. As it was written, this precedent-setting regulation would be difficult and costly for small- and medium-sized businesses to comply with and would likely discourage U. States have successfully regulated more than 1.

Barnett Shale

On September 30, , a judge for the U. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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District Court for the Northern District of California. IPAA and Western Energy Alliance have filed for intervention on behalf of the federal government as well as filed a motion for venue transfer back to Wyoming. More than 25 scientific, peer-reviewed studies and expert assessments have concluded that hydraulic fracturing is not a major threat to groundwater. In fact, many studies have examined groundwater pollution and specifically ruled out fracking as the cause. View the links below to learn more about each scientific study:.

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Yet, as our country faces the considerable challenge of meeting our future energy needs, companies Hydraulic Fracturing. What is fracking? Facts About Fracking. How has fracking impacted U. How are you going to get oil and gas out of that mucky gush? Fewer natural gas wells are being drilled in North Texas today, but it doesn't mean they're not coming back. The returns just aren't worth the millions of dollars it takes to drill new wells. But down the road, new technology could lead to even bigger gains.

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More than prisoners were released Monday as part of the largest commutation of sentences in U. NBC's Jay Gray reports. The Return of Fracking in the Barnett Shale? Privacy policy More Newsletters.

Fracked In The Barnett Shale Fracked In The Barnett Shale
Fracked In The Barnett Shale Fracked In The Barnett Shale
Fracked In The Barnett Shale Fracked In The Barnett Shale
Fracked In The Barnett Shale Fracked In The Barnett Shale
Fracked In The Barnett Shale Fracked In The Barnett Shale
Fracked In The Barnett Shale Fracked In The Barnett Shale
Fracked In The Barnett Shale Fracked In The Barnett Shale

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