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Save Money and See Fuel Prices

The cost of gas varies depending on where you live, so it impacts people differently. Energy Information Administration.

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If you have a larger tank or pay more per gallon, you will pay more. Regardless, the cost adds up quickly. Believe it or not, there are ways to get gas for free and save money. One of the best ways to get free gas is to earn it during your spare time. You can earn rewards in many ways on Swagbucks, including:.

You can trade in the points you earn for gift cards, including gas cards. The current gas stations offering gift cards on Swagbucks include Exxon, Chevron, and Sunoco.

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Swagbucks is one of the easiest ways to get free gas at the pump because you can earn it in your free time. Taking surveys may not get you rich, but it can help you save money on gas with a few hours spent online monthly. Do you want to know how to get free gas and not know where to start? Gas station loyalty programs allow you to earn cash back or points to redeem for free gas.

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For me, the closest stores that offer free gas are Hy-Vee and Price Chopper. Every week, Hy-Vee sends their weekly ad, including the items that get cents off a gallon of gas. Based on what you buy, you could potentially, get gas up to 20 gallons for free. Although Swagbucks is a great option to get free gas at the pump, there are a few other survey sites out there to keep in mind. The biggest perk with Survey Junkie is that you can also redeem your points for cash which you can spend on anything.

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Like Swagbucks, you can earn your points on Survey Junkie by taking surveys. However, my favorite way to earn cash is to read the emails they send, play games, and watch videos. Last but not least is Vindale Research. Just like InboxDollars, they pay you in cash only. This survey site also gives you cash for using their search engine and reading emails. However, due to the higher survey payouts, you could reach this quickly. Read our Vindale Research review to learn more about the platform. Raise also regularly runs promotions that offer additional savings.

That could mean almost 20 percent off your gas costs. Do you use rewards credit cards?

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  • There are a few different options that you might be able to do to get free gas. The next option would be to get cash back for paying for your gas with a credit card. Only use this option if you pay off your credit cards each month. No rewards are worth the potential debt. However, there are various charities, including the Salvation Army, that offer free transportation and gas vouchers for those who are struggling to make ends meet.

    Do you have a specific gas station that you like to go to?

    You can get free gas by taking advantage of their gas cards. You must watch for deals that they offer, but some gas stations offer a free fill-up, money off, or even a discounted gas card during certain promotions. CVS, for example, is a leading supplier of gas cards on different purchases.


    You can check out their website and stay alert for any sales, new product launches, or discounts to avail free gas instantly! However, there are only specific items that give out free fuel, and for that, you may have to check out local retail shops or CVS personal ads every week. Credit card rewards are one of the best ways to access free fuel because you can redeem those points for real cash. As you make purchases and spend more through your credit card, you earn points, which you can redeem later for free gas.

    You can transfer those points to your credit card, use them at the petrol station, or simply purchase gift cards that supply free gas.

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    However, you have to remain extra careful about not paying interest on any of your purchases. High interest can thwart your chances of getting any gift cards or points. Travel rebates are another great option that you can avail at any time. If you frequently travel for business trips or corporate meetings, then you can use your travels to get free gift cards. There are many agencies and airlines that bestow free gift cards to their guests, provided that they meet the requirements.

    How To Get Free Gas: Bottom Line

    Alternatively, try putting up an advertisement on your car. Many small businesses would love if someone could put up their banner or brochure on their vehicle or truck. And, if you can do that for them through your car, you will be getting some amount of money. If they ask you to advertise their business, you can settle for some cash in return or simply ask for free gas. With these legal and smart ways, you can enjoy a long ride without fretting over the fuel.

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    31 Ways to Get Free or Cheaper Gas

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