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Basically, if you feel insecure in your new environment, you start missing your old life. You begin longing for your old routines, your old sense of normalcy, and the people who where part of it. Yep, that sounds just like me! Social media just makes this worse, and it does so in these ways: besides magnifying feelings of social isolation , which often happens when I scroll through my feed, Facebook and Instagram are also purveyors of nostalgia. When things have more or less stayed the same, and nothing is amiss, nostalgia gives you a sense of continuity and assures you that you are living a meaningful life.

Nothing makes me question my decision to leave home like seeing photos from surf trips and how tanned I used to be. I have since disabled the On This Day feature. Besides reconnecting with old friends from Manila use of social networks , I also have more Singaporean friends than I did last year, which really helps in making me feel more local self-directed cultural learning.

This study also suggests staying in contact with friends and family from back home. It is too easy to text a friend and avoid the hard work that comes with being present and forming social ties here. The social posts that make me wistful for my old life are largely curated versions of what I will actually encounter. But I will also experience so much else that is dull and dispiriting: hours spent in soul-crushing traffic, getting catcalled on the street, an entire afternoon in the lineup without catching a single wave, the inevitable run-in with an ex.

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So, I guess, food is a way to solve the problem, but more in the way that it represents making new memories to mix with the ones that make you miss home. Call Home—but not too often. So, of course, keep in touch with your family. Call the people you love often, keep them updated with your life and ask them how life is going for them. It took me a while to do this because I focused so much on my studies and my resume, but it really is important. To me, being homesick sometimes was a sign that I needed a break.

Really, what I needed was to organize my time better so I could take a break and go for a walk. Explore the city, even if it means finding nice, quiet coffee shops to go do homework with some dessert. Buy a sandwich with a friend and ask them if they want to go eat it at the beach while you see the sunset. It can mean hanging out in the park twenty minutes on your way home.

My friend got a Polaroid and started making a collage on her wall.

An outlet for your emotion can take any shape or form. It can be friends and family, mentors or professors that you feel can understand you. A lot of universities offer a few free sessions of counseling and psychological services, and they can also refer you to other specialists. Talking about mental health is becoming a lot more open. Please fill out the form below and StudyUSA.

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Your information will be sent directly to the institution. One of our advisors will contact you to assist you through the entire application process. There is no fee for this service.

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British Journal of Psychology, 78 , — Stanford CA : Stanford University. XV Sp. Acculturation Stress and Homesickness. Tilburg, The Netherlands.

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Tilburg University Press. Homesickness: An American History.

Adults Can Get Homesick, Too

New York: University Press of America. The experience and expression of homesickness in preadolescent and adolescent boys. Homesickness and children's adjustment to hospitalization: Toward a preliminary model. Homesickness, temperament and character. Nostalgia: A review of the literature. Homesickness in a school in the Australian Bush. Recreational therapy program alleviates homesickness. Homesickness and health in boarding school children.

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Scholler Eds. New York: Erlbaum. An analysis of friendship networks, social connectedness, homesickness and satisfaction levels of international students. Homesickness at summer camp: associations with the mother-child relationship, social self-concept, and peer relationships in middle childhood. The Sydney Morning Herald. Retrieved 20 February Emotions list. Emotional intelligence. Namespaces Article Talk.

Homesick Homesick
Homesick Homesick
Homesick Homesick
Homesick Homesick
Homesick Homesick
Homesick Homesick
Homesick Homesick
Homesick Homesick
Homesick Homesick

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