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Ad Clicks, or simply Clicks, is a marketing metric that counts the number of times users have clicked on a digital advertisement to reach an online property. Ad Clicks Ad Impressions. Read more Advertising Manager Marketing Manager. Marketing Advertising. Polyrolls Continuous plastic rolls of a repeated image often know as base wrap.

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  4. Digital Labels printed from a digital based image, great for small runs. Latest News 5 ways to test your new product label October 11, Our Platform Get in touch Log in.

    Noora Staf May 14, To be counted as Authentic, an impression must satisfy all of the following criteria: Fully viewed By a human In a brand safe environment Within the correct geography DV is the only company accredited to measure and de-duplicate impression quality in this manner - enabling brands to use the Authentic Impression as a definitive measure of quality. Lets Talk! Request a demo, speak to a sales rep, learn more about DV Contact us.

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