Israel’s Glorious Future

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Addressed, not to the whole wicked and corrupt nation Hitzig , but to its pious remnant Keil and Delitzsch, Pusey, Fausset, Farrar , this counsel was in effect: 1 A warning against apostasy.

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Though Jehovah's judgments should descend upon the nation, they, the meek of the land Zephaniah , were not to discontinue either believing in Jehovah or practising his religion, but were to steadfastly adhere to both. Since, even before the judgment fell, Jehovah counselled them to wait for him after it had fallen, the sense could only be that he had it in contemplation to interpose in his own time for their deliverance. In the darkest hours of their despondency, when the nation's fortunes should be at the lowest ebb, they should not yield to despair, but look expectantly forward to the good time coming.

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The duty here prescribed that of God's people collectively and individually at all times, but especially in seasons of calamity and affliction. The accession of the Gentiles. The visible, historical instrumentality by which it should be brought about has been declared to be the pouring out upon them of Jehovah's indignation. When God's judgments are abroad, the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness Isaiah Nations and communities no less than individuals, and these no less than those, not unfrequently require to be whipped into obedience and chastised into submission.

Calamities in the shape of wars and pestilences bring powerful kingdoms and haughty empires to their knees, when nothing else will. Prodigals and profligates need experience of servitude and starvation at the swine's trough, before they will return in penitence to God.

Jehovah's grace in turning to them a pure language literally, "lip". Not imparting to them instruction through his servants the prophets Luther, Hofmann , but purifying their lips defiled by the worship of idols Hitzig, Keil, and Delitzsch. This, again, was only possible by first purifying their hearts, or weaning them from the love of their debasing superstitions. The fountain must be cleansed if the stream running from it is to be pure; the tree must be good if its fruit is to be good Matthew The prime mover in all religious awakenings and reformations is God Ezekiel ; John , 5 ; John ; Romans ; 1 Corinthians Calling upon the Name of the Lord.

A phrase used to designate the worship of Jehovah by Abraham Genesis , and of Christ by believers under the gospel Romans The Name of God signifies his manifested character Exodus ; Exodus ; Exodus ; John ; to call upon his Name, to invoke the help that Name proffers and warrants to expect.

The Exodus

The ingathering of the dispersed Jews. With no other solution in sight, the one-state idea, or perhaps the one-state fantasy, all of a sudden seems to make sense. On the issue of Israel, Tlaib is an outlier and her embrace of a one-state solution is not part of the Democratic thinking on foreign policy.

From Chuck Schumer to Eliot Engel, from Joe Biden to Bernie Sanders, all are staunch supporters of the idea, and all are now facing a double challenge: First, the need to reclaim the two-state solution as official U. Ideally, a one-state solution would be a utopian country in which Israelis and Palestinians live in intertwined communities, share the resources and decide collectively, through a democratic process, on issues relating to the future of their joint state.

First, there will be extremists on both sides that see a one-state solution as an opportunity to exclude the other side. Would an Arab-majority state allow Jews to keep on living in West Bank settlements?

Israel's Glorious Future: Redemption in Messiah Chosen People Ministries

If the majority is Jewish, would they allow Palestinians living abroad to return to the country? Now, some would be just fine with that as long as Jews are assured equal rights in this future state. Very interesting comments….

Tlaib calling President Trump a mother f——r. Leaving that unpleasant subject, the point was made that a one state solution was not popular on the Jewish front. The reasons given were very practical. We who understand the situation Biblically, know that Israel was originally promised to the Jewish people.

The Glorious Future For Israel And Jerusalem.

Please keep in mind that Israel, birthed by God, was never intended to be a democratic state Greek, not Hebrew concept. Study This.

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    Israel’s Glorious Future Israel’s Glorious Future
    Israel’s Glorious Future Israel’s Glorious Future
    Israel’s Glorious Future Israel’s Glorious Future
    Israel’s Glorious Future Israel’s Glorious Future
    Israel’s Glorious Future Israel’s Glorious Future
    Israel’s Glorious Future Israel’s Glorious Future
    Israel’s Glorious Future Israel’s Glorious Future
    Israel’s Glorious Future Israel’s Glorious Future

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