Reliever (Violet Visions)

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Violet Vision

Our hypothesis is that if we carefully apply principles related to each of these facets of health, we can greatly increase the health of individuals and of the biosphere as a whole. See how the virtues get their colors. As you can see, the spirit includes our social dimension of being and relationships. For starters, we believe that there is no simple recipe for increasing health, but rather, health must be orchestrated among many competing factors. In particular, evidence-based knowledge and strategies related to physical fitness, nutrition and behavior modification must be scientifically applied for optimum health.

Our Model of Health In our over-developed environments retaining health has become an elusive complex goal, and therefore a comprehensive model of health is required. You can use all of them, or whatever one works best for you. They will all receive your kind thoughts and positive affirmations too. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Just say the words in the decree as often as you think of them, and think about the relationships you want to heal.

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Try to think of the important person surrounded by violet light; it's the most spiritual color, or picture both of you in that violet light. If you want you could use prayer as well, just keep the mental image of the color in your mind. Colors are outstanding and have more energy and power than you think. I think the more violet the better.


Try to imagine it and also use the candle. It's the most spiritual color, so load up on it! Wear violet clothes. Also, if you have any amethyst jewelry or crystals, add those in too! I am happy so many people are interested in the violet flame. I only learned of it myself a few years ago, when I called a friend in a panic, and he walked me through some of the steps I shared in the article. I hope whatever the problems you are facing are improved soon.

Meditation and the violet flame open room in your psyche to think clearly, and get the focus off our problems too. But we can get too obsessed with them, to the point where we can't take part in the good things in life, and that hurts us too.

You can go through the steps and envision your GI and intestinal areas while you are doing that. Our chakras, or energy centers, also have much to do with health. IBS would stem from a blockage of the Solar plexus chakra, the one near your tummy. Try to focus on the area, and the chakra color is yellow.

Either try to send the violet flame and light there, but meditating on clearing blockages in the solar plexus or 3rd chakra is another line of attack. How can I use the healing violet flame to help with my anxiety, high blood pressure, and dizziness? If you sit quietly and meditate, or do a visualization of something calm in a violet light, try doing it for 20 minutes twice a day. Doing while you feel anxious is a good time to try. If you wear an amethyst pendant or earrings, some of that violet energy may help with dizziness, or use a crystal of amethyst and lie down with it on your forehead.

I don't know about high blood pressure, and wouldn't rely on natural remedies for that, I recommend seeing a doctor. But it is often related to stress and anxiety. Also, sometimes exercise is a stress buster, but again, ask your doctor first and don't do anything too strenuous at first. Take care of yourself. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. If you have a piece of amethyst, and place it on the chakra, that will help too. I hope you feel better. The Violet Flame is more for spiritual healing, but if you do visualizations, try imagining the violet light at the chakra nearest where you have the physical problem, and in time that should help.

Thanks for the question, others have asked this too. Take care. It sounds like a fascinating experience. These ceremonies are very intense, and one should never attend under the influence of anything. Thanks for sharing. In I had a vision out of the blue that I would do a sweat lodge with a Lakota Indian.

Several months passed and I went on a road trip for about 2 months fully expecting to find this sweat lodge.


Iolite can Unleash Healing Energies if used correctly… Discover how.

I was almost ready to go home and was at Mt. I was going up the Mtn. And saw a gathering of people so I stoppe and asked what was taking place. Sure enough they said they were building a sweat lodge to take place the next day. Charlie Tam was doing the ceremony and in two days I finished 9 rounds. Unfortunately, some people did not follow instructions. They instructed that if u had done any drugs or smoked marijuana to please not go in the lodge. Some did anyway and Charlie fell ill and his daughter finish the next day. What people need to know is this is such a sacred ceremony and to follow all instructions.

I am now 77 years old and that was the start of a very intense cleansing journey. Also, until the vision I had no clue about the Lacota Indians or a sweat lodge but I was guided. I will say I was frightened at first so I sat right by the exit but stayed. Thanks very much for your generous reply Jean. Loads of love and blessings from India dear. Thank you. It's always great to know someone read my work and came away from it learning something new. You are most welcome.

A new friend introduced me to St. Namely, chlorine, which can turn your hair green. Sarah explained that to protect from this, her secret is good ol' coconut oil. Another tip: "If you don't have any coconut oil on hand, saturate your hair with clean water first, so the chlorine has nowhere to soak into.

Violet Vision

And if worse comes to worst, and you do have some green tinge to your hair, there are salon treatments to remedy that. But, whatever you do, try not to bleach out the green, as it may stress out your hair.

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Being blonde is amazing. Knowing how to maintain it? Well, that's just the best. This post originally appeared on mimichatter. Other stories from MIMI you might be into:. Cobalt Turkey might want to seriously reconsider Russia's "advanced air defense systems", they are obviously not all that.

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    Reliever (Violet Visions) Reliever (Violet Visions)
    Reliever (Violet Visions) Reliever (Violet Visions)
    Reliever (Violet Visions) Reliever (Violet Visions)
    Reliever (Violet Visions) Reliever (Violet Visions)
    Reliever (Violet Visions) Reliever (Violet Visions)
    Reliever (Violet Visions) Reliever (Violet Visions)
    Reliever (Violet Visions) Reliever (Violet Visions)
    Reliever (Violet Visions) Reliever (Violet Visions)
    Reliever (Violet Visions)

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